My story and experience with DevC community — DevCBuea

My story and experience with DevC community — DevCBuea

Before joining the DevC Community I was just another tech enthusiast who loved to be in the midst of developers… Was as well so anxious to learn more and connect with other developers but I knew little on how to go about this, until one day I was googling on “how to connect with local developers” and I found Facebook developer circles, I read about it and soon enough I was more than interested, followed up with the requirements and joined the closest developers circles to my location which at that time was Facebook developer circles: Buea. After joining the community everything changed, I was marveled by how everyone shared every single bit of knowledge he/she had with the community, and more… No one knew more than everybody. I can’t really tell by how much I grew my skills within the community, and every single day I’m just Soo grateful to God for making me discover this beautiful community.

…As time went on I started involving myself in activities and attending developer circles meetups and boot camps. Of which, at each of these meetups and boot camps I learned at least something which I returned home with.

In 2018, I applied to Facebook developer circles scholarship for Front-End development but unfortunately wasn’t selected. I knew this was the best chance for me to grow up my skills and experience, consequently, I felt really bad about not being able to do that. But thanks to the news I got later on about the program launching each year from the DevC lead Tagne in the Facebook developer circles Buea group. I regained hope and knew somehow I could make it the following years. So eventually started working hard enough to be up to the task for the next upcoming sessions. I started open source projects, built simple web apps, and was more active in the DevC group.

As you could expect, the following year I applied and was granted the scholarship. This was like a dream come true to me because I couldn’t really imagine I can make it despite the hard work. I made it through phase one of the program thanks to my local mentors and the DevC training groups put in place for us by the DevC community.

Lately, I was equally qualified for phase two of the program. Which is what I’m currently doing. I make sure I share my progress and difficulties encountered in the course of learning with the community because the DevC isn’t just a community but a family.

In conclusion to that. I’m open to anyone willing to know more about the program and anything else related to it. Just message me on Facebook and I’ll get to you as soon as I get your message.


Fotie M. Constant, Facebook Developer circles member.

Originally published at on February 6, 2020.