Final year project ideas for software engineers 2020.

Final year project ideas for software engineers 2020.

If you are as enthusiastic as I am and always wanting to solve real-life problems then here is for sure a great opportunity for you. with the explosion of the COVID-19 Pandemic developers all around the world are gathering and coming up with innovative ideas, hackathons organized and so on, These COVID-19 Global Hackathons are an opportunity for developers to build software solutions that drive social impact, with the aim of tackling some of the challenges related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. I just had some random crazy ideas to share with you all about final year projects you can work on as a software engineer graduating this academic year. the list below is however just ideas not a full project with their details. you can easily get a project and develop it, bring in a concept or an idea then work on it. I hope it helps!

  • COVID-19 real-time tracker: using the power of APIs you can come up with a real-time Coronavirus tracking application that displays cases in real-time. with COVID news updates from WHO and/or how to stay safe during this period of panic in the world.
  • COVID Daily Checker: Isolation breaks all life’s structure. Remembering symptoms & contacts is hard! this app can track symptoms & person-contacts. Manage your symptoms, contacts & risk — for those you care about most.
  • Health care application: A web or mobile application that will enable users to book appointments and schedule realtime call sessions with a doctor for online consultation.
  • COVID-19 Virtual assistant: An AI-based bot which acts like a doctor and provides consultation services to patients and perhaps detects potential infection with the help of ML(Machine Learning) or simply a Conversational AI raised awareness about COVID-19, aspires to be everyone’s personal health companion and awareness spreading tool, with the initial focus of COVID-19
  • A social networking app: a social app where you can make friends or connect with your existing friends to sell and buy stuff online. The app will also allow you to make recommendations and search and buy products based on friends’ suggestions.
  • Teammate Finder app: A mobile app for finding team members for a specific project. The app will allow developers, writers, designers, and other freelancers and/or professionals to join the platform and participate in different projects to earn money.
  • A goods exchange app: an app that allows users to find other people in the same area who would be interested in an exchange of items like clothes, electronic devices, mobile phones, etc. they don’t necessarily need to come together they can always send the product.
  • Digital CV/Resume app: an app where you can create and store a digital copy of your professional resume. Each resume will be given a unique ID number. You can share your CV number with potential employers while seeking a new job. The companies can then check your online profile through the app. hence reducing the risk of moving to the company and depositing your documents.
  • Online coaching services apps: People are paying thousands of FCFA/Dollars to coaches and intellectuals just for the opportunity to learn the right skills that will put them at the forefront of life or business. Teaching people online through applications can be the most beneficial idea for new businesses. Therefore, you can definitely set up your own advisory service if, even if you have to be creative enough to do so. Therefore, it is one of the best app ideas that you can use.
  • Language learning app: More and more people are learning new things for broader life experiences and to enhance their skill-set. You can take advantage by creating an app that can help users learn the A, B, C, Ds of new languages and then progress as per their knowledge level. This new app idea in 2020 can even facilitate audio features for users to learn the correct pronunciation of words.
  • A freelancing website for artists and/or cartoonist: Showcase your arts get paid-for commissions and portraits. A website like Fiverr but for artists and creative minds.

Other interesting project ideas!

  • Transport application: You can book a trip with someone traveling to your destination and then you share the fear.
  • Metasearch engine: Search that fetches data from Google, Yahoo, bing, duckduck go, Yandex, and more with the peculiarity of letting the user control his data and returning the best ranking from all these search engines.
  • An alumni social platform: This is to connect old, current, and new students of a particular school.
  • A money lending manager app: an app that will keep track of the people (friends, etc.) who owe you money and those whom you owe money. It will have the names of such people, the pending amount, due dates, etc. It will also alert you of due dates and allow you to make payments via integrated payment options.
  • Help You: this app will bring help at the door for every need of the user. By this app, one will be able to call for the desired help like, electrician, plumber, mechanic, etc whenever needed. This app is build using Artificial Intelligence to reach out to customers better by understanding their behavior. Machine learning framework Tensorflow can be used to build such an application.

Thanks for going through the list, forward, and together let’s build solutions to tackle this pandemic. If you have any project ideas you’ll like to share you can drop them below. that’ll be kind of yours.